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OomyceteDB provides quality-controlled, aligned and annotated Oomycete rps10 sequences. rps10 is a mitochondrial locus chosen as a molecular barcode suitable for metabarcoding or amplicon sequencing specific to the Oomycetes. The curated database can be downloaded or queried using BLAST (for any release). We invite all members of the oomycete community to contribute sequences for new Oomycete species. We will include any new taxon with a GenBank accession you share with us. The following heat-tree shows the species currently represented in the database:

OomyceteDB currently includes the following Oomycete taxa:

Genus Number of species Number of sequences
Phytophthora 110 492
Pythium 27 31
Peronospora 13 73
Phytopythium 7 9
Plasmopara 3 4
Saprolegnia 3 3
Achlya 1 1
Albugo 1 1
Total 165 614